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    I am a software generalist with extensive experience in all phases and aspects of product development and technical research. Examples of systems I have built include machine learning, business intelligence, image processing, extreme scalability and availability, cloud based deployment models, groupware, app-servers, compilers, data replication, games, real-time control, and development tools. I have lead development teams including ethnographic study teams, product delivery teams, and corporate architecture initiatives. Externally, I have supervised delegates to IETF and W3C technical committees, spoken in conferences, and have written occasional  articles. My primary interests are in internet technologies, solving real problems that improve humanity, and being generally creative with a computer.

  • It's rare to find super-smart and super-patient and easy to get along with in the same person. Lynn happens to be someone like that. Lynn is someone who is constantly learning new things for the betterment of the company. He has a true expert in software architecture and cloud computing. He knows how to make back-ends both scalable and managable. Lately he's been doing front-end work as well, so he can develop and make recommendations across the full software development stack.​


    -- Dallan Quass



  • Experience

    ProHakr, Inc.

    Chief Hacker

    I consult on a wide array of topics in a broad assortment of ways.  

    I am happy to talk to see if I can help your team.


    Chief Architect Sep 2013 - July 2014 (ongoing)

    Joined a team of 7 developers in the latter stage of a project to bring emotionally meaningful, and long lasting memories to the internet. 


    Amazon web services, large data and image sets, machine learning, mobile application, high availability, single page applications.


    Chief Architect 2011 - 2013

    Designed and implemented a massively scalable, SaaS service for bringing Business Intelligence to life.  Domo is a new form of business intelligence (BI) unlike anything before — an executive management platform delivered as a service that helps managers and executives transform the way they run their businesses.


    I was responsible for providing an always on, massively scalable, SaaS based, “business intelligence in the cloud”, multiple device, fault tolerant, and open and extensible design and ecosystem for an extremely cool product which I can’t describe in detail just yet. If you can name a current web, internet, data, cloud, device, or language buzzword, chances are pretty good that I’m either dealing or have dealt with it.


    Extended Consulting engagement 2010 - 2011

    Provided design advice for scaling Sharded database systems, using cloud systems to improve HA and DR, and other projects which I can’t talk about.


    Lead Architect  2003 - 2010

    FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Millions of people use FamilySearch records, resources, and services to learn more about their family history both online and in over 4,600 family history centers in 132 countries, including the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.


    While at FamilySearch I oversaw bits, processes, and people ranging from the javascript in the browser, to SAN choices in the data center.  The systems I worked on were both consumer facing as well as mission critical business systems for the organization.

    NextPage (now proofpoint)

    Consultant 2002 - 2004

    NextPage, is a leading provider of Information Governance solutions, enabling organizations to track and control unstructured information to meet their document retention and disposition requirements. With NextPage patent-pending technology, organizations can track, classify, execute policy, and report on documents regardless of their location – hard drives, USB’s, servers, or Email attachments.
    Industry-leading companies rely on NextPage to reduce their cost of e-discovery, mitigate risk, and increase compliance with their information governance policies.


    My responsibilities at NextPage included crytography, peer to peer replication technologies, UI and integration projects, and overseeing the designs from a team of developers.   

    Whizbang Labs

    Architect, Distinguished Engineer 1999 - 2002

    I served as one of two lab architects. I was responsible for overall code design and implementation for projects throughout the lab. These projects included a commercial website, XML database for the entire world wide web, ETL, a core SDK, decision trees, SVM, boosting, HMMs, web crawler, HTML normalization and normalization to XHTML, HTTP proxy, MSOffice integration, XPath implementation, XML transclusion, XML database storage, Xerces XML parser, high performance DOM implementation, Server applications, RMI, SOAP, JavaScript, DHTML, among many others. These projects were used to scour the internet, building XML databases of all web content, from which structured data was extracted. We serviced a broad range of customers including the sale of a website to monster.com.


    Product architect, team lead 1989 - 1996

    Novell, Inc., is a global software provider that designs, builds and innovates technologies that make people more productive and work environments more secure and manageable. Novell® supports thousands of organizations around the world with collaboration, endpoint management, and file and networking solutions that work together and with other systems to power your workforce.

    I was responsible for the implementation, shipping, and design of several efforts at Novell. While there I ran the Groupwise client and SDK teams, ran the Internet architecture team for the Groupwise product line, worked on contextual design efforts, designed and implemented COM APIs, oversaw work on WebDAV and XSLT specifications, implemented an information retrieval system, worked on 3rd party integrations, supported large customers on-site, wrote extensive client and server-side code, wrote low-level networking code, and worked on existing and new product lines.


    Other projects and previous jobs


    • Animatronics

    • Open source Genealogy Reference Client

    • Automated Amazon deployment project (LASIC)

    •  Apache Contributor - Xerces XML parser

    •  Dr. Dobbs Journal -- author

    • Computer based training system

    • Commercial games

    • Industrial system controllers


  • Education

    Brigham Young University

    Computer Science, Mathematics, BS 1984 - 1988

    Summa Cum Laude

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